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Since it's inception Spartan Audio Visual has supplied a vast range of sound, audio visual, lighting and staging equipment to countless local businesses, national chains and individuals alike. 

Our service is a holistic one, taking you from concept and brief all the way through to installation with options for training and maintenance packages depending on your requirements. No matter which of our services you wish to engage, a dedicated project manager will be available throughout to advise, guide and help you.

Void Acoustics Sales & installation

Spartan Audio Void Acoustics Air Vantage Red Buy Price

Void Acoustics is one of the last truly UK based speaker manufacturers. Void punch well above their weight in the club and dance scene, due to their zeal for innovation. Their visually unique, sonically authoritative and technically superior designs really are a genuine break from tradition; for the better. The hi-fi top end, fitting seamlessly on tight mids, served over breathtaking bass is the Void signature sound. A sound that we at Spartan Audio Visual have not only built our reputation on, but have also been lucky enough to help shape.

Spartan Audio Visual is Void Acoustics in Wales. We champion the brand throughout the whole of the South West of the UK, including Bristol, Cornwall, Devon and beyond and have the largest stock and access to all the latest products available, before others get the chance.

For the best service, price and most importantly sound; if you want Void, then you want Spartan Audio Visual.

Spartan Audio Stasys X-Air Red Void Acoustics Xv2
Spartan Audio Void Acoustics Cyclone 10 Red
Spartan Audio Cyclone 55 Red Void Acoustics
We were lucky enough to have the Void Acoustics Arcline 6 and Stasys Xv2 from Spartan Audio at Troyfest. We received very positive feedback from all of the bands and agents, and great comments about the quality of the sound from the festival goers. I would highly recommend it.’’
— Sam Bailey, Production Manager Troyfest
Void Acoustics Elite Dealer Badge Spartan Audio Visual Cardiff South Wales

Club and Bar Sound, Light and Video Installation

Whether it's a 30Kw world class Void club system in Bristol. Or a stylish, Powersoft driven background music installation in a Newport Bar, some things remain constant:

  • Customer service
  • Attention to detail 
  • Product knowledge
  • Passion and dedication
  • Client Satisfaction
Spartan Audio 29 Park Place Cardiff Void Acoustics Video Installation

By implementing immersive, rich and engaging audio visual systems you will stand out from your competitors and their scratchy, fuzzy and painful sound and video equipment.

  • Increase the length of your patrons stay.
  • Maximise their spend per head
  • Avoid and overcome noise complaints...
  • ... and high energy costs
  • We can save you space
  • We can save you looking any further

Audio Visual Integration

The majority of our projects in facilities and institutions requiring AV integration of any kind go through the same phases, listed below:

  1. Project consultation and development of breif

  2. Design, Demonstration and Quoting

  3. 1st fix: Cables and infrastructure installed

  4. 2nd fix: Equipment Installation

  5. Setup: Programming, testing and tuning

  6. Training, handover and signoff

  7. Continued support throughout the equipment life with service level agreements

Service and Maintenance Agreements

Unlike some of our competitors, we are happy to provide you with service level agreements for systems and sites not installed by our technicians. 

Once we have decided on the correct agreement, our experienced technicians come out to your site and carry out an equipment audit. This will involve:

  • Barcoding and cataloguing all equipment for future reference

  • Testing all equipment - remedying any immediate problems and producing a report on any larger issues

  • Cleaning of equipment filters and technical areas

  • An overall report on the viability and sustainability of the system

Projector Lift Optoma Audio Visual Integration Digital Signage Spartan Audio Visual Cardiff Park Plaza
AV Installation Rack Equipment Networking Cardiff Spartan Audio

Powersoft Amplifier Sales

Everything we sell, install and recommend here at Spartan Audio Visual is likely to be something we've used extensively, whether in our hire department or any of our installation projects. Powersoft make by far some of our most favourite and trusted products of all.

These, high quality, entirely Italian made products really do stand the test of time, with an extremely low failure rate backed up by an extended warranty period. When you add to this their extreme efficiency, sound quality and world leading DSP options you will begin to see why these amps are one of the few brand we truly champion.

Whether it's M series, K series, X-series or Ottocanali then get in touch now for a quote. You might also check our shop, for any special offers and ex-hire bargains available.

Powersoft X-Series X4 X8 Cardiff Wales Spartan Audio For Sale Buy Price

Armonia Pro Audio Suite

All Powersoft DSP equipped amplifiers can be controlled by the immensely powerful and well respected Armonia software platform. The intuitive and easy to grasp interface opens the door to a world of tools for any situation. 

Powersoft Armonia Spartan Audio

We are happy to provide guidance and initial training to get initiates started!

Audio Visual Systems for Houses of Worship

Here at SAV we fully understand and appreciate that no two places of worship are the same and look to create something truly bespoke and unique for each and every congregation and site. Often there is a requirement to make do and mend, or to build a base on which the future can expand. Other times you are faced with updating worn out equipment in an old, loved and delicate building. Our solutions will not only meet your budget, but also yours and any higher authorities expectations.

We are able to work with any brief, or none at all. One of our sales team will be more than happy to call out to your place of worship to discuss your requirements with a view to designing a solution. If the whole process seems daunting and difficult to you then we are happy to provide the benefit of our combined experiences to help guide you towards any and all possible options to meet your building and faithful's needs.

It's also possible for us to train any would be - or even long time operators on equipment, old or new. Over time you may need further assistance. In some cases a service and/or maintenance agreement is suitable. In others it is more cost effective to deal with any week to week issues as and when they arise. Rest assured, your project manager is always on the end of the phone.


Commonly supplied equipment and services for houses of worship:

  • Smaller, satellite pa systems
  • Distributed auditorium sound systems - increase intelligibility without increasing the noise!
  • On-stage or in ear monitor systems for house bands
  • Digital mixing consoles
  • Wireless microphones
  • Projectors and screens
  • Plasma and LED screens
  • Cameras, vision mixers, streaming equipment
  • Lecterns and microphones
  • Stage lighting
  • Architecural Lighting Internal and External
  • New equipment training
  • Periodical refresher courses
  • Service and maintenance agreements

Custom Patch Panels, Cabling and Looming Systems

Whilst operating a busy, vibrant and creative hire company we find ourselves coming up against the same requirements, problems and challenges time and time again. Rather than wait, passively for these challenges to arise time and time again, we prefer to take the initiative to design a more permanent solution to ours or our clients needs. 

 Custom Monitor Speaker:

  • 15" + 1" Coaxial Loudspeaker
  • 425w AES
  • Passive/Active Configurable
  • Top Hat & Truss Mount Rigging Options
  • 22kg
  • Cased in Pairs

We also have a 12" version, and a sub is in the design stage.


Powersoft X4 Panels:


Pictured is the prototype X4 panel. To the rear and unpictured is a 32a single phase input with loop out for simple connection of units on where multiple speakers have a lower power requirement.

We use these to great success with our SAV M12, M15 and Void Acoustics Systems. We are able to deploy the X4's in single racks, completely sealed to prevent fiddling fingers and with all physical inputs and outputs available.



Spartan Audio SAV Mr. Balance DI PCDI Box Interspace Custom Solutions.jpg

Our answer to ghosts in the machine, or blocking phantom power frying our PC's, Apple Macs and mobile phones.

PC balance keeps our kit safe, providing ground lift and a mono switch for saving console space.

Various Utility Boxes:

  • NL4 Passive Split
  • Nl2 Passive Split
  • 1 in 3 out XLR Signal Split
  • NL4 Pin Swap Box
  • Phantom PSU

All of these boxes are incredibly useful and lightweight to boot, meaning filling the gaps in any road trunk is not a problem!

Speaker BReakouts:

Spartan Audio SAV Golfbox Monitor Custom Cable System

Four colour coded NL2 sockets fed from the NL8 input on the side of the box allowing for quick and foolproof patching to any of our monitor amp racks in low light situations.

A second, parallel NL8 output means pairing mixes across a busy festival stage or conference centre is a breeze.

The boxes are extremely lightweight.