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We are unable to give you an estimate or quotation for any repair works until your item goes through our bench process. Even then there is no guarantee that the estimate will be accurate due to the nature of the process of repairing items. Please also be aware that some manufacturers will not supply all parts or servicing information for their items and instead require them to be returned. We can accept no responsibility for this whatsoever.

Bench Charge: £35.00 ex. vat

Non refundable fee that includes up to one hour of diagnostic time in order to identify the fault(s), source parts and produce a quotation for repair. Also includes any minor repairs (re-flow of solder, simple fuses, small components etc) so any easy repair can be made wherever possible, without go ahead from the client. Please note that It can take up to 10 working days for an item to be benched during average periods. When workload is high, or large projects are undertaken, this can rise.

Bench Labour: + £35.00 ex. vat

Hourly labour rate. Average repair time is 2 hours although due to the nature of electronic equipment this can vary. An estimate will be provided before work is carried out, unless pre-approved by the client. 

Insurance Reports: POA

If you intend to claim the repair through your insurance provider then we will charge a one-off fee per report required. This may be in addition to the repair charges. Please contact us if you need to secure an insurance report.