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Powersoft Amplifier Sales

Everything we sell, install and recommend here at Spartan Audio Visual is likely to be something we've used extensively, whether in our hire department or any of our installation projects. Powersoft make by far some of our most favourite and trusted products of all.

These, high quality, entirely Italian made products really do stand the test of time, with an extremely low failure rate backed up by an extended warranty period. When you add to this their extreme efficiency, sound quality and world leading DSP options you will begin to see why these amps are one of the few brand we truly champion.

Whether it's M series, K series, X-series or Ottocanali then get in touch now for a quote. You might also check our shop, for any special offers and ex-hire bargains available.

Powersoft X-Series X4 X8 Cardiff Wales Spartan Audio For Sale Buy Price

Armonia Pro Audio Suite

All Powersoft DSP equipped amplifiers can be controlled by the immensely powerful and well respected Armonia software platform. The intuitive and easy to grasp interface opens the door to a world of tools for any situation. 

Powersoft Armonia Spartan Audio

We are happy to provide guidance and initial training to get initiates started!