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Clutch, Cardiff University Great Hall, 16/06/19

Clutch, Cardiff University Great Hall, 16/06/19

Three years on, Clutch returned to the stage at The Great Hall, Cardiff University. It seems despite continually touring the globe; the Maryland quartet always finds their way back to Cardiff.

Performing off the back of an extensive set at Download Festival, they did not disappoint, with thunderous kick drums and super high energy; the atmosphere was instantly electric. Support came from our friends in Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons, the perfect accompaniment to Clutch's brand of bluesy heavy rock.

We love getting out to shows like this, and practically all of us here at Spartan were thrilled to hear newer songs from their latest album; The book of Bad Decisions, as well as some classics through our very own L'acoustics Kara system, designed and deployed by us, for the hall.

The hall has notoriously been a difficult and at times unpleasant room to mix or enjoy bands in the past, but we've been working hard with all of the crew at the Students Union to reverse that trend over the past few years. Even coverage, much-improved clarity and a more comfortable listening level without a loss of power are now the starting point for any touring show in the space. All this we have achieved without a hint of psychic warfare, real, or otherwise.

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