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Skunk Anansie, Cardiff Great Hall, 04/09/2019

Skunk Anansie, Cardiff Great Hall, 04/09/2019

On the 4th of September, 2019, we were lucky enough to be part of a pretty incredible show with Skunk Anansie in the Cardiff Students Union Great Hall.

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Hailed as one of the most influential bands of the modern age of British rock, Skunk Anansie smashed out familiar hits such as 'Hedonism' and alongside their latest single 'What you do for Love'. The sheer power of the band and their performance was conveyed in the most real sense by an excellently deployed stereo hang of 9 L'acoustics KARA, with Lowe end support from 8 SB28 and 2 KS28 reinforcing the infra band.

Formed in the mid-'90s the incredible vocal talent of Skin is teamed perfectly with Martin "Ace" Kent on Guitar, Richard "Cass" Lewis on Bass and Mark Richardson on Drums, who expertly complimented their fierce front-woman in the Great Hall space.


Despite being a massive highlight for Spartan, it mainly meant a lot to our very own Tom, who's first show working as a System Tech/FOH was at the Newport Centre back in 1998 with Skunk Anansie. A lot has changed since then, but the absolute power-house that is Skunk Anansie are clearly as relevant today as they ever were. After all, as Skin has pointed out on social media, it was her and not Stormzy, or Beyonce to be the first black artist to headline Glastonbury Festival.

Ultimately, this show's electric atmosphere culminated in an utterly immersed Skin surfing the energetic mass of a diverse audience who were vibrating to the enrapturing beats.