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Genesis of The Musical Box?

In the early 1970s, Genesis redefined the concept of a rock concert. They had such a profound effect that they still have a cult following today. The Musical Box recreates those early shows in outstanding detail using exact replicas of the lights, sets, costumes and effects.

The Musical Box St Davids Hall Cardiff October 25th

On Tuesday the 25th of October we had the great pleasure of providing the FOH speaker system for The Musical Box athe Cardiff's Iconic St. David's Hall. Our L'acoustics ARCS/SB28 system was selected for it's near perfect dispersion characteristics for the venue and it's raked seating arrangement.

Take a look at the vintage FOH touring equipment used by the band for an idea of just how special the evening sounded.

You can check out the band here

WEM Copycat Musical Box
Musical Box FOH Rack WEM Audiomaster